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She came to find freedom but became Dublin's newest sex slave

Price €12.99
2011 DVD PAL, 85 minutes run time with 65 minutes of extras. 16x9 widescreen, Dolby stereo.
“It was entertaining, it was a thriller, and I was gripped by it. Superb performances.”Pat Coyle, RTE’s The View.
In the modern European city of Dublin comes another new recruit to the sex trade. Trafficked in the back of a van, young African girl Taiwo, believes she is about to start a new life free from the oppression at home. But she soon finds that she is trapped in the dark seedy underworld of vice and drugs of a city living the Celtic Tiger. She meets small time hood Keely, who unwittingly seals both their fates when he steals her from the gangsters she was supposed to work for.
"This depiction of the Dublin underworld is grimy, gritty and convincng in its cynisism"Paul Lynch, Sunday Tribune.

Firefly Dreams
Price €9.99 2001 DVD PAL, Multiregion 16:9, 104 minutes, Language Japanese, English Subtitles, Colour, Dolby SR
Award winning director John Williams gives us a deep insight into Japanese society with this touching portrait of a rebel teenager growing up. City girl Naomi is packed off to work at her aunt’s hotel in the countryside after her mother runs off with another man.
"A deceptively simple, familiar story told exceedingly well, “Firefly Dreams” is a quietly confident and cumulatively affecting first feature from Japan-based writer-director John Williams." Variety
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If I Kill You Will You Leave Me Alone?
Price €9.99 2007. 87 minutes colour. Available in 35mm; PAL DVD windscreen 16:9. Multiregion O. Filmed in the Czech Republic, British-Czech Co-Production. A Storytel Production, Directed by Steen Agr.
When Colin Frampton’s wife is accidentally squashed by a falling statue during a romantic weekend in Prague, he decides that life isn’t worth living without her. Using only the remaining balance on his credit card, Colin hires a hen-pecked Czech odd-job man, Pavel, to kill him.
"…their spot-on timing is on a par with the interplay between Robert de Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run.” Variety Eddie Cockrell
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Winter Soldier
Price €14.99
1972. 95 minutes. Black & White and Color. Produced and directed by Winterfilm Collective in association with Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Filmed in 16mm. Extras include FBI Files, filmmakers discussion, short documentaries and a massive stills gallery.
In February 1971, one month after the revelations of the My Lai massacre, an astonishing public inquiry into war crimes committed by American forces in Vietnam was held at a Howard Johnson motel in Detroit. The Vietnam Veterans Against the War organized this event called the Winter Soldier Investigation.
"Like a live hand grenade brought home from a distant battlefield, the 34-year-old antiwar documentary "Winter Soldier" has been handled for decades as if it could explode at any moment.." New York Times, August 9, 2005
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F.T.A. (F**k the Army)
Price €9.99
1972. 97 minutes. Colour Dolby. 16mm to DVD9, PAL 16:9. A Free Theater Association Production. Directed by Francine Parker. Extras include Jane Fonda Interview.
The commitment of Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland to the anti-Vietnam War movement is graphically shown in this documentary about the traveling agitprop theatre troupe they led and performed with in near military bases around the Pacific Rim in the 1970’s.

"The extraordinary air of dissent that rises out of "FTA" provides a rare glimpse into an unhappy and demoralized fighting force stuck in a war which they did not believe in." Film Threat
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Price €9.99
2006. 84 minutes. Colour, PAL DVD Multiregional. A Displaced Films Production.
This documentary tells the long-suppressed story of the near mutiny in the American armed forces that was the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam. It captures the urgency, immediacy, and fear of one of the most vibrant upheavals of the 1960's - one that had a profound impact on American society.
"...a potent mix of outrage, residual anger, and sorrow that speaks not just to the legacy of our misadventures in Vietnam, but to the entire uncertain future of a nation at war." The Village Voice

Soy Cuba (I AM CUBA)
Price €7.99
1964. 141 minutes. B&W 35mm full academy format. Out now on DVD PAL Multiregional, Spanish with English subtitles. Also available new Special Edition pack with award winning making of documentary ‘Siberian Mammoth’ and Martin Scorsese interview.
An incredibly delirious cinematic adventure into the changes of a nation as it struggles to break free of dictatorship, achieved through a love affair with Cuban landscapes, townscapes and people. I Am Cuba was re-discovered and presented to the world by master filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola at the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals.
"One of the most visually titanic works in the century of movies." The Village Voice
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Soy Cuba (I AM CUBA) Special Edition Box Set
boxsetcover DISC ONE - I AM CUBA


Ferraz's documentary unearths the truth behind why SOY CUBA was rejected by Cubans and Soviets alike upon its release and shelved for more than 30 years.

Through a combination of breathtaking footage from the Cuban revolution, interviews with surviving Soviet and Cuban cast and crew members, this documentary provides us with insights into the ideology of the Cold War, the recent history of Cuba, and the the complete story behind I Am Cuba.
“An addictive chronicle!” Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice ‘Extraordinary´ NY Times ‘One of the best documentaries ever made´ Time Out, London
Price €14.99
PAL Multi-Region, Running Times: I am Cuba - 140´ / Siberian Mammoth - 90´ / Interview with Scorsese - Spanish with English subtitles Licensed from ICAIC to Mr Bongo Films / ICAIC / MOSFILM / Special thanks to MK2 Editions

Price €12.99
Originally Released:1950, DVD9 PAL / Dolby digital / All regions / Black & White, Widescreen 1.85:1, Running Time 143 minutes, Rated PG, Italian with English subtitles.
The third masterpiece in the Tribute To Antonioni Series. This ground-breaking film won a Special Jury Prize at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival and established its director, Michelangelo Antonioni, as a major international talent. This DVD version features stunning new digital transfer with restored picture and soundtrack.
“In May 1960, Michelangelo Antonioni's L”Avventura was the sensation of the Cannes film festival.” The Guardian 2007
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Wordweaver-The Legend of Benedict Kiely
The life of one of Ireland's most important writers.

Price €9.99
The fascinating life of Ben Kiely, novelist, short story writer, and major figure in 20th century Irish literature. Friend of Brendan Behan, and enemy of censorship, life long opponent of partition and outspoken at the Troubles arising from it. With the help of his friends and contemporary artists Seamus Heaney, John Montague, Tom Kilroy, Val Mulkerns, Colum McCann, and Steven McKenna, all of whom appear to tell the story of Ben's life and work.

Price €9.99
For a year we followed the human and political processes involved in the creation of the first draft of a European Constitution. The forum to enable this process was the 'Convention', the controlling body of the Convention was the Preasidium. The stories of the five members of the Preasidium., and the public and behind the scenes dealings of the nations as they joust for the best terms, unfolds, against the visions for a united and integrated Europe that has recently expanded to 25 countries, unique footage and access allowed us to make one of the most intriguing and informative accounts of the forming of the new European Constitution.


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