If I kill you, will you leave me alone?

When Colin Frampton’s wife is accidentally squashed by a falling statue during a romantic weekend in Prague, he decides that life isn’t worth living without her. Using only the remaining balance on his credit card, Colin hires a hen-pecked Czech odd-job man, Pavel, to kill him. An unlikely friendship develops as Pavel’s plans to kill Colin spin out of control, dragging in Pavel’s gold-digging wife, her secret lover, and top Prague gangster, Karlovic. The body count rises but Colin remains irritatingly alive. The misfit pair soon discover that death does not come as easily as they thought. An hilarious black commedy-Pythonesque.


“…a gem of a movie…absolutely beautifully done...remarkable cinematic eye.…” Edinburgh International Film Festival (Nicole Osborne)

“…their spot-on timing is on a par with the interplay between Robert de Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run." Variety (Eddie Cockrell)

“A wonderfully observant study of Czech and English character.” Prague Post

Main Cast

Karel Roden, widely regarded as one of the top actors from the Czech Republic and known internationally for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters including 15 Minutes, Blade II, Bulletproof Monk, The Bourne Supremacy and the forthcoming Hellboy,plays the odd-job man turned reluctant killer Pavel Zeman.

Andy Nyman plays the slightly suicidal Colin Frampton. He first received critical acclaim for his performance as Keith Whitehead in the controversial British movie Dead Babies. Andy has played major roles in The Criminal and NBC´s Uprising (with Jon Voight and Donald Sutherland), as well as the more recent movies Coney Island Baby, Zemanovaload, and Played (with Gabriel Byrne and Val Kilmer).

Anna Geislerová, leading Czech actress plays Pavel’s bad-tempered gold-digging wife Liba. She has starred in many popular Czech films including Requiem Pro Panenku, Jízda, Na´vrat Idiota and the Oscar-nominated Želary.


Cardiff IFF 2006 – Audience Award
Edinburgh IFF 2006 – Rosebud Competition ‘Best of the Fest’
Galway IFF 2006 – Opening Film Selection
Karlovy Vary IFF 2006 – Variety Critics Choice’
Cherbourg IFF 2006 – Jury, Audience & Best Actor Prizes
AFI Dallas IFF 2007 - Winner ‘Best Feature Film’

2007. 87 minutes colour. Available in 35mm; PAL DVD windscreen 16:9. Multiregion O. Filmed in the Czech Republic, British-Czech Co-Production. A Storytel Production, Directed by Steen Agr.

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