Masterly low budget cult gangster movie from Ciaran O'Connor, starring Karl Shiels, Ruth Negga, and Jasmine Russel.

"genuinely electric"


"Unflinching, bleak drama with strong cast, visual imagination and narrative flair...outstanding."Irish Times

Taiwo is an African immigrant coming to Dublin for the first time and by illegal means, hoping to gain a new life, free of the everyday fear in her own country. However, she has been marked for a life of enforced prostitution. She escapes her traffickers, but is forced back into Dublin’s seedy underworld of vice and drugs to survive. Keely falls for the beautiful Taiwo and tries to save her from herself and the sharks that circle her, but eventually both must pay a price.


As Ireland confronts the issue of immigration, Trafficked tackles it head on. “This story is about the prostitution, degradation and rape of women who are brought to this country.” says Director Ciaran O’Connor, "I believe the time has come for these issues to be addressed in a graphic manner and forced into the public domain.”


Filmed in Dublin in a hit and run style. TRAFFICKED has a gritty, grainy feel that gives the film an immediate and exciting texture.

"This film shows what can be done with a small budget, a lot of talent and the courage to tell a painful story." Irish Times


"Depicts the sordid underbelly of the new cosmopolitan Dublin." Sunday Times
"A grim and brutal portrayal." Film Ireland

2011 DVD PAL, 85 minutes run time with 65 minutes of extras. 16x9 widescreen, Dolby stereo.

Price €12.99