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Documentary on the drafting of the first European constitution following the process of decision making by the decision makers and the consequences for the new soon to be enlarged Europe.

Over a period of a year we followed the human and political process of the creation of the first draft of a European Constitution. The forum to enable this process was the 'Convention', the controlling body of the Convention the Preasidium. The stories of the five members of the Preasidium, and the public and behind the scenes dealings of the nations as they joust for the best terms, unfolds, against the visions for a united and integrated Europe that has recently expanded to 25 countries, unique footage and access allowed us to make one of the most intriguing and informative accounts of the forming of the new European Constitution.

Regarding major actors such as Valery Giscard D’estang (Ex-President of France), Jean luc Dehaene (Ex-Prime Minister of Denmark), Giuliano Amato (Ex-Prime Minister if Italy), Ana Palacio (Ex-Foreign Minister of Spain) and John Bruton (Ex-Taioseach of Ireland).

Completed and aired on eight television stations in Europe: RTE, YLE, RTBF, ERT3, TV5, IMAGE+, LCP-AN, POLIS, (Ireland, Belgium, France, Greece, Finland). Also screened as a special in the European Parliament, 25th May 2004.

Co-produced with Domino Productions Belgium and Calyspo France. Directed by Sergio Ghizzardi.

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