Angeline Ball as Molly Bloom

The story of James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, most recent adaptation of the most famous 20th century novel in the English language.


Winner IFTA Award, Best Actress (Angeline Ball)
IFTA Nomination, Best Cinematography
(Ciaran Tanham)
IFTA Nomination, Best Costume Design (Tara van Zyl)
IFTA Nomination for Best New Talent (Sean Walsh)

‘Bloom’ is the feature film version of Ulysses by Sean Walsh. The greatest book of the 20th Century comes to life in this latest brave and bawdy adaptation of James Joyce’s classic novel. Starring award winning Angeline Ball at her most voluptuous and sexy, and Stephen Rea in his most eclectic role ever as the Edwardian Walter Mitty, Leopold Bloom. This deeply touching human journey of love lost and regained and life lived to the full is now available on DVD.

The touching love story of Molly and Leopold Bloom, that Idyllic day on Howth Head, when they first had sex, when they were deeply in love. Those times are still powerful in their memories but reality and the death of their young son forces them apart, she into a steaming adulterous affair, he into refuge in sexual fantasies.

Their paths cross with that of young poet Stephen Dedalus, struggling to escape the influence of his dead mother and rejecting father. After a day’s wandering in Edwardian Dublin and a drunken, hallucinatory night, Stephen finds in Bloom the father figure he seeks and Bloom a substitute for the son he has lost, while Molly and Leopold accept how their love has changed and start again to live life to the full. More than this it is a wonderful journey, the journey of ‘Ulysses’.


"Sean Walsh’s version of ‘Ulysses’ is a triumphant reinterpretation of James Joyce's masterpiece. It is not the usual filming of actors mouthing Joyce's words, instead Walsh and his talented team approach Joyce using the visual vocabulary of the cinema in a manner I have no doubt Joyce himself would have approved. The film is brilliant, witty, innovative and, despite relocations of episodes all over Dublin, imaginatively faithful to Joyce’s work. Stephen Rea provides a masterly and brilliant evocation of Bloom, managing to convey at the same time his Irishness, his Jewishness, his cosmopolitanism and his humanity while Angeline Ball is quite the best of all the myriad of Molly Blooms that I have seen." David Norris (David Norris is a Senator in the Irish parliament and a Joycean scholar who is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest popularizers of James Joyce’s works. He was Professor of English at Trinity College, Dublin and was invited to preview the Bloom feature film prior to its premiere).

"Fresh and bold, daring, and downright brazen in its sheer sexiness."Sunday Independent

"Captures the quality that shocked Joyce's original readers...Angeline Ball is superb." The Sunday Times

"A highly skilful work that captures much of the sweep and scope of it’s source.. ...vigorous, musical, modern." The Observer

"Bloom is a bawdy, irreverent, lyrical, compassionate, anguished, earthy, profound and deeply humane slice of life, performed with verve and intelligence by a superb ensemble cast led by Stephen Rea’s soulful and stoical Bloom, Angeline Ball’s sensually direct Molly and Hugh O’Connor’s boyish Stephen." The Sunday Tribune

"Cinema lovers should see this remarkable film." Sunday Independent


Stephen Rea: Leopold Bloom
Angeline Ball: Molly Bloom
Hugh O'Conor: Stephen Dedalus
Patrick Bergin: The Citizen
Alan Devlin: Simon Dedalus
Phelim Drew: Martin Cunningham
Maria Lennon: Bella Cohen
Alvaro Lucchesi: Buck Mulligan
Eoin McCarthy: Blazes Boylan
Dearbhla Molly: Mrs. Breen
Rachel Pilkington: Gerty McDowell

Production Crew

Director/Producer: Sean Walsh
Co-Producer: Mark Byrne
Executive Producer: Gerry Murphy
Director of Photography: Ciaran Tanham
Production Designer: Mervyn Rowe
Costume Designer: Tara Van Zyl
Music Director: David Kahne
Editor: Sarah Armstrong
Casting: Daniel Hubbard and Mary McGuire
Art Director: Steve Simmonds

Stephen Rea as Leopold Bloom

Hugh O’Connor as Stephen Dedalus Patrick Bergin as the ‘Citizen’

2003. 108 minutes. Colour, Dolby, widescreen. PAL DVD Dual Layer, Multiregional. An Odyssey Pictures Production. With extras.