We recently completed an exceptionally successful advertising and information campaign against human trafficking with the charity Ruhama. This combined a TV ad and a short film telling the story of a woman trafficked into Ireland and being forced into prostitution.


The Ad served two purposes, one of which was to bring to the attention of the general public the abuses of human trafficking and then to let traffickers know that the recent changes in the law now make it an offence to ‘traffick’ people. The short film and the campaign was also to let trafficked women know that there is a place to go to for help.

The short film ‘The New Recruit’ tells the story from the point a new girl arrives into the city unaware of her fate. In the close confines of her ‘new home’, a room she must share with another woman who has already been ‘broken’, she learns of her future as the older woman now prepares the new recruit for her new life.

Ruhama is an organisation that helps persons trafficked for exploitation in the sex trade and prostitutes in need of support. Please click on the link below if you wish to find out more or help end this dreadful abuse of human beings.


            The new recruit                                                          TV anti-trafficking ad


Completed post production and released the feature film ‘Trafficked’. More details are in our distribution section or visit 'www.traffickedthemovie.com'.

In Development

We currently have several feature projects in development as well as one TV series and will be updating this part of the site in the near future.