"Genuinely powerful film-making....an intimate portrait of heartbreaking courage - a haunting and inclusive encounter with...time, experience and mortality."Trevor Johnston, Sight and Sound



"among the year's most moving films" 
Hollywood Reporter

"bleak, unflinching and moving, yet morbidly funny"
The Telegraph

"this film might change your life"

"delicate - heartbreaking - inspiring" 
NOW Magazine 

"Top 10 films of 2012" 

"a film to watch in 2013" 

"alternately heartbreaking and disarmingly sardonic" 

I AM BREATHING is about the thin space between life and death.

Neil Platt ponders the last months of his life. Within a year, he goes from being a healthy young father to becoming completely paralysed from the neck down. As his body gets weaker, his perspective on life changes:

"It's amazing how adaptable we are when we have to be.
It's what separates us and defines us as human beings."

Knowing he only has a few months left to live, and while he still has the ability to speak, Neil puts together a letter and memory box for his baby son Oscar. How can he make sense of the last 34 years? How can he anticipate what Oscar might want to know about his father in a future Neil can only imagine? He tries to tell the story of his life from his memories and impressions of love, friends and motorbike rides.     

Neil faces Motor Neurone Disease with incredible humour and honesty, determined to share this last stage of his life through a blog that touched many people. With his posts forming the film’s narration, I AM BREATHING tries to listen to Neil as he asks in the last months of his life: "What makes us human?"



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